Tuesday, January 5, 2010

G5 Slimming Therapy 2hrs session

A treatment that uses deep vibrations to penetrate, soften and break down stubborn fats. It helps in blood circulation, cellulite reduction and enhancing lymphatic drainage for those retaining fluid.

Therapy will be as follows:
- Body brushing to remove dead cells, improving lymphatic flow and for better products penetration
- Body wrap and heated blanket therapy for detox and water retention
- Herbal Steam Bath
- G5 Therapy
- Slimming Gel Rub
* Complimentary facemask during treatment

1st Trial @ ONLY RM49.90

Get the opportunity to purchase a series of 10 session at the special 1st trial price to see a better effective result.
10 sess
ion @ ONLY RM499
(for limited time only!)

Promotion Notes:
- Terms & Conditions Apply
- On appointment basis only

Signature Spa Wishing All Happy New Year 2010!

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